Custom Ink & Watercolor Shoes

Featuring BANGS Shoes

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Below you will find a few photos of custom shoes to give you an idea of what we can do; however I am completely open to your vision and would love to create a totally original shoe just for YOU! Please be sure to fill out the form and include as many details as possible with any reference photos.


Low-top Bangs with just ink run $90. Ink + Watercolor is $115. High-tops with only ink are $135. Ink + Watercolor is $165.


Note these prices DO include the shoes.


If you already have your Bangs and want to ship them to me, the price will be reduced. You are also more than welcome to send me your own pair of canvas shoes. I'll need to see pictures of them beforehand to ensure the color is light enough and the quality of the canvas for optimal design capabilities. You are responsible for all shipping charges.

Before your shoes are sent off, I seal them with a strong protective coating which makes them waterproof and impervious to the majority of daily wear. I don't recommend wearing them in muddy weather or leaving them laying in the sun for extended periods of time, such as on the porch where the sun is on them all day; however, if taken care of properly, the vibrancy of the design and shoe will hold up for a long time.

So looking forward to designing and dreaming with you!

- Cara

PRICE RANGE: $115 - $150
Shoe Color options (watercolor on Everest Ice & London Fog Only)
Low Top Shoes also Available