Loose Roses Tutorial

Hey guys!

This tutorial is an extended version of the video I shared on Instagram a few weeks ago. I have sped it up just slightly x2, which should allow you to really see what's happening on the page. As always, you will want to make sure you've taped your paper down with Scotch Blue Painter's Tape (which can be found on Amazon) or else the paper will buckle and warp. I use a lightweight foam board to tape my paper to, which works very well and allows me to move it with ease.

I'll be uploading the remainder of the video in another tutorial. This one is meant to focus on the structure of the roses, so really get familiar with holding your brush and understanding how the paint moves on the paper.



Arches - 140 lb cold-pressed

Brushes - Princeton Brushes size 2 & 5

Paint - Winsor and Newton Indian Red & Raw Umber


The finished wreath