Watercolor Easter Egg

I shared this tutorial earlier on my Instagram (@rosaliegwenpaperie) in hyper-lapse, but I really wanted you to be able to see how it transforms in real time, as that is how it's most helpful to learn.

This is a FAIRLY simple tutorial; however, if you are not already familiar with my talks about wet-on-wet technique, you may want to Google this and make yourself familiar. As I have said in previous posts, you are looking for an even sheen, a coating without holes or pockets.

And you will want to move somewhat quickly once you've laid down the water, or else you risk it drying up on you.

After that, it's merely a matter of moving the paint around on the page to achieve the desired level of saturation.

Near the end I drop in clear droplets of water to add to the looseness of the egg, though this is YOUR egg, so feel free to follow along or take your own liberties.

Above all, PLEASE HAVE FUN with this. Allow yourself to explore and be loose without the pressure of needing it to be "perfect."

Truly, there is no such thing as perfect art, only willing artists.

Love to you and happy painting!


Canson 140 lb paper

Princeton round brushes in 5 and 6

Winsor and Newton Cobalt Blue, Indigo, Raw Umber, Sepia, and Lavender

Uni-ball gel pen in Gold