Custom Watercolor Wedding Bouquet

Custom Watercolor Wedding Bouquet




Although the reception must end eventually and the dress tucked away for safe keeping, it is my deepest honor and pleasure to ensure the flowers live on, preserving the bride's bouquet on paper and cementing a cherished moment in time. These one-of-a-kind heriloom pieces are meant to be enjoyed now and be passed down through the generations, a story told through the art of flowers. 



I have several size options available, however the standard is 12 x 16. This typically accommodates most bouquet arrangements. In the instance your bouquet is wider, I will paint it landscape versus portrait. If you would prefer a larger size, I am happy to meet your request and paint as large as 18 x 24. Please contact me to discuss this prior to purchasing this listing if that is your wish.


A Note About Working With Me: 

It is ALWAYS my goal to include as much of the bouquet as possible in the painting. I may need to rearrange certain elements so that it presents itself asthetically. Occasionally I might need omit certain parts if there isn't room to accommodate the fullness or flowing nature of the flowers. If I don't feel the 12 x 16 size is suitable for your bouquet I will always mention this prior to beginning the commission. Additionally it is not my mission to capture every line and detail of the flowers but rather look deeper and extract the soul of the bouquet, honing in on its mood and personality in the form of color and shape. If an exact likeness is your wish, I would suggest working with another artist; however if you are hoping for a whimsical interpretation of your flowers, I would be delighted to be your gal!



I will need 3-5 high resolution images of the bouquet mailed directly to If there are special requests about which angle the bouquet is captured from, please be sure to mention this.


How To Care For Your Bouquet:

When handling, be sure you have clean hands free of oils. It is my advice that as soon as possible you have your bouquet framed behind glass. This will ensure color preservation, reduce fading and protect it from exposure to the elements and airborne toxins. I encourage the bouquet to be displayed somewhere it won't receive too much direct sunlight, however the colors will hold up for quite a while before any wear is incurred. The bottom corner is signed discreetly by me, the artist.


Thank you again for considering me for this special project!