[FRAMED] Original Garden Roses

[FRAMED] Original Garden Roses


You are purchasing an original work of art from Cara Rosalie Olsen. This piece focuses on the beauty and intricacy of lush garden roses, coupled with stalwart eucalyptus. It bears tones of light pink, magenta, maroon, apricot and tangerine.


The front has been signed with a discreet signature by the artist, Cara Rosalie Olsen.


Additionally, this piece has lovingly been chosen to be homed inside a charcoal frame with highlighting tones of smoky walnut which lend it both a rugged and vintage aesthetic. It is also double matted in soft dove-gray and beige. It arrives completely assembled, ready to brighten and beautify your home.




In the spirit of preserving the sancutary that is our eath, this wood has been reclaimed for the sole purpose of providing a coat to shoulders, so to speak. Distressed and stained, then carefully sealed to preserve color, every stunning notch and fissure is revealed. It tells of its own story through time, totally unique, and truly one of a kind - a worthy and rightful protector for the piece of artwork it contains.


Size {framed} approx. 30 x 24


Gouache, Watercolor


*** A note on Original Artwork:


Although the artist takes care to avoid errors while working, it is the nature of all original work to bear imperfections from the force of love and energy it was given during the volatile and intimate creation process. Because of this, minor defects happen along the way - flaws, as they are generally labeled; however, I see them differently; I see them as stories, the scars endured from the willingness to persist, and most importantly as the journey the art has taken to arrive where it is at its conclusion: a canvas served by the hands of an artist answering the call placed on her life.


Please note this piece leaves behind signs of life in the form off a slight crease in the lower left quadrant, minor warping and paper disruption from being taped. All of these marks are nearly invisible to the casual eye and can only be discerned upon close inspection.


Original Art is not the right option for everyone, and that is entirely fine. Consequently, if a pristine piece of artwork is what you would prefer, I kindly ask you to visit my Fine Arts page and select a print option. The work has been carefully edited, all traces of blemish removed.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and consider my art for your home. I can hardly express what it means to me to know the pieces of my heart are living on your walls where they are cherished!


- Cara Rosalie Olsen




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