Hand-Painted Floral Cross

Hand-Painted Floral Cross


About these crosses:


Easter is an incredibly special time for me. When I stop to really think about the kind of love required by Jesus to endure the abuse, hatred and abandonment He received during His short time here, my mind swells. The cross itself was not a beautiful thing. What happened upon it, however, within the man who was sent to rescue the world, absolutely was. If ever I forget what it looks like to love with my whole being, I need not look any further than the cross to remember. I pray these bless your home throughout the year.


Care Instructions:

Each cross is one-of-a-kind, the only one of its exact likeness in the world. They have been sealed with a protective coating which will allow them to be enjoyed now and passed down through the generations as an heirloom ornament. The back has also been signed by me, marking its moment in time.


Thank you for taking my work into your home.



Each cross is made of ceramic, measures 4 inches and has been finished with a chiffon ribbon.


In love,