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Drawing from the romance of a cottage garden, these roses were created in honor of the statuesque rose. Painted on natural kraft paper, the course grain provides a highy texturized backdrop for these coquettish blooms, which is emphasized by implementing dry stroke techniques and sweeping gestural marks.




In the spirit of preserving the sancutary that is our eath, this wood has been reclaimed for the sole purpose of providing a coat to shoulders, so to speak. Distressed and stained, then carefully sealed to preserve color, every stunning notch and fissure is revealed. It tells of its own story through time, totally unique, and truly one of a kind - a worthy and rightful protector for the piece of artwork it contains.



This piece measures aproximately 8 in. x 8 in., and comes framed and double matted at 12 in. x 12 in. total. The back has been signed and dated by the artist, Cara Rosalie Olsen, marking its moment in history.



Gouache, Pencil


White Garden Roses - On Seaweed (Framed)

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