Watercolor Mixing Guide - Pastel

Watercolor Mixing Guide - Pastel


In this guide, the sixth in the series, we will explore all the subtle passion of vintage pastel hues, perfect for creating fresh, sophisticated Spring florals!


For those wondering what "vintage pastels" might entail, think of these as traditional pastels moodier sisters. They are a tad darker, a little more complex in design, but no less satisfying on the page. Those who are drawn muted colors in general will be delighted by this revamp!


Per the preceding guides, you will be given the recipes for 16 unique and original colors that cannot be found in any tube on the market. Within those colors in a whole gamut of color-creating possibilities, as you tinker with water-and color-ratios (all explained in the Original Vintage Guide). 


Happy painting, friends!


*** The original Vintage Color Guide is recommended prior to additional guides, strictly because I cover the theory behind the color-mixing, which provides the foundation for our creations.


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