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Couvrir de Fleurs


Gouache & Watercolor, 2021

"Couvrir de fleurs" gently translates as "to bloom" or "to cover with flowers," and while that might seem like an obvious title for a collection of floral pieces, the name was thoughtfully selected out of deep appreciation for the process that led me here today.  Having primarily studied watercolor for the past 7 years, it was in discovering a new medium that a fresh layer of creativity was revealed growing beneath the surface.

From these roots, and with a desire to paint flowers with a whole new imagination, I in turn found my artistry blooming, wholly enraptured with this style where vintage and peculiar meet on the corner of whimsy. Flowers cannot help but be romantic, yet they are so much more than symbols of beauty; they are nature’s most honest conveyance of the human existence. Upon our inception, and if we are properly kept, we then grow and flourish, to eventually wither and die, sinking back into the earth from whence we came. Except that is not the end; only another beginning.

Flowers tell our story better than I ever could with words, and for that I serve them with my gratitude and God-led passion.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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