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M A S T E R   C L A S S

Nourish your creative soul and discover the fine art of painting on ceramic ornaments.



Welcome, Creative Friend!

My name is Cara, and to date I've created and sold over 1,500 ornaments for clients, retailers and private events. You could say it's a passion of mine! I've spent years developing my craft and refining my process, which I have condensed into this comprehensive go-at-your-own pace

Master Class. The content is expansive yet streamlined, designed to move you past any hesitancy or uncertainty you might have about painting on three-dimensional surfaces and get you creating now. 


Once you step through this door, there's no turning back; the passion will ignite and you will rapidly be on your way to creating gorgeous things for your clientele, friends and family. Expect exponential growth, to find inspiration everywhere, and a burning desire to paint on surfaces of all kinds.


Let's get you creating!


In this joyfully abundant and richly immersive course you'll be invited into fine artist Cara Rosalie Olsen's studio as she guides you through her process of painting on ceramic bisque ornaments.


Designed for creatives who are ready to expand their businesses and achieve remarkable growth.


Learn the techniques and develop the skills to get you creating gorgeous designs as you explore this magical medium.


What you'll receive:

* immediate lifetime access to over 7 hours of creation

* step-by-step instruction through four unique designs

* a companion digital e-book containing stroke-by-stroke guides.

* direct links to ornaments and all the supplies, including the professional sealant.

* free consult following the completion of the course

* complimentary set of four unpainted ornaments 


Ornaments are only the beginning

The magic begins here.

Once you've mastered the art of painting on bisque, your appetite for painting on just about everything will bloom, sending you over a creativity rainbow. While the Master Class focuses on ornaments, in which we will create four unique designs, the skills are techniques I teach you are transferrable to a limitless assortment of creative projects.


Discover a world where no surface is safe from your paint brush.


What will you make?


Expand your market and grow your business

Perfecting this art form to the best of my ability allowed me to offer heirloom gifts and collectible wares to clientele previously outside my market. I've worked with interior designers and brands such as

Laura Ashley and Michaels Arts & Crafts, all because they discovered my ornaments.



Ingrid J.

I've been admiring and collecting Cara's ornaments for years. When she gave me an opportunity to learn how to make them for myself, I couldn't pass it up. It's the best gift I've given myself in years! I was initially nervous about making such a big investment and unsure if I would be able to make anything close to Cara's ornaments, but the best part is how she teaches the technique of her florals, but guides you toward making your own choices along the way. I have confidence in myself now that I haven't ever had and am planning to launch my first Christmas collection this year!

 100% recommend this Master Class!

Joanna G.

I absolutely LOVED this Master Class. I only wish I had this information sooner to be honest. Cara answers so many questions I've had about this process and takes out all the guesswork. Even being a professional artist, I'm still amazed by how quickly I've been able to learn the material and begin making all the beautiful things. I've been wanting to expand my inventory and offer my customers a broader range of products, and I'm definitely on my way. I've made ornaments and candle holders and I'm going to try painting on jewelry dishes next. The creative energy coming out of me feels SO GOOD. I am forever grateful to Cara for opening my eyes to this marvelous medium.

Maribell S.

I struggle with anxiety, and creating art helps to calm me. This class is like a good therapy session. Besides being an excellent teacher, Cara's way of instructing feels like spending an afternoon with a good friend. She's kind and encouraging, and you can really feel how much she cares about her student's success. The course is so generous. She leaves nothing out and has  given me the ability to paint like a pro. Even though I've dabbled painting ceramics, this is the first time I'm genuinely happy with what I'm able to make. And now I can't stop painting on things, which is a good problem to have, haha.

Ornament Master Class

Ornament Master Class

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