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Watercolor Hydrangea Class

Hello Creative Friend!

Today we have the pleasure of studying the enigmatic hydrangea. It's a flower I absolutely love to put in vases and enjoy in our home, although one I have typically avoided painting due to the fact that it relies heavily on color value to distinguish its petals, lest it morph into a giant blob. Yikes!

However, after some experimentation, I have found a way to respect the ornate nature of the Hydrangea while leaning into a loose, gestural approach. This is what we will aim for as we seek to create flowers that nod to their origin and inspiration (Nature) while also leaving room for artistic liberties and those nuances that make your art your own.

In this class, you can expect to learn more about color value and mixing vintage hues, along with wet-into-dry and wet-into-wet technique. I'll show you how intentional strokes with the brush leads to great success and opens up the door for playful creation - a must have for the process!

Beginners with a few months experience will find this class suitable to their skillset, however I do advise all students have a basic understanding of color value. Intermediate students will see both familiar material covered in prior classes along with fresh insight and challenges. Above all, we will have FUN and allow ourselves to embrace the process along the way!

Let's get started!

- Cara

Watercolor Hydrangea Class

Watercolor Hydrangea Class

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