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Listing is for an original framed Lily of the Valley painting. The painting has been varnished, allowing you the option to display with or without the provided glass. The front will bear a discreet pencil signature and marked with a stamp, marking it as one of its kind. The frame is antique. For more information about our antique frames, please refer below.



Total Framed Size: Approximately 6.5 by 9 1/4


About our frames:


The majority of our frames are antiques. We search high and low at estate sales and throughout local antique stores to bring you only the very best quality. As with any vintage item, however, some pieces will show minor signs of wear indicative of their age. This may include minor discoloration, small chips along the perimter or surface scratches. We hope these imperfections will be viewed as part of the charm and elegance, rendering them a true heirloom piece.


Thank you for considering my work!



Framed Lily of the Valley

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