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Welcome back, Gouache Friends!


Volume II of our new Gouache Mixing Guides provides you with the foundational education necessary to venturing into the wonderful world of gouache. As with previous guide, I share my handcrafted color mixes, which I've lovingly titled “recipes;" these are now yours to use in your work.


In this digital document you will find 15 original colors I’ve titled “The The Prairie Series,” centering around coral, pink, peach and mauve.


The MOST powerful aspect of these guides is that I've included the pigment numbers - meaning that it doesn't matter where you are in the world and what you have access to, because you're given the numbers you can color match with what you have in your collection and yield exact or similar results! I’ve also included the piece I painted so you can see exactly how these colors work together; however you are free to use them in any way that pleases you!


*** please note this is a digital resource only, and no actual paints are included with this purchase.


Happy creating to you!

- Cara


***Disclaimer: the material found in this document, including but not limited to, proprietary information and trademarked color-blends belong solely to the owner and cannot be reproduced for the intention of monetary gain, and therefore are protected by law.

Gouache Mixing Guide - Volume II - The Prairie Series

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