Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand




Sometimes it feels as though the day is decided before you have fully woken. There seems to be a pallor to it, a tint, the edges frayed and worn like threadbare blankets. The fog is thick and unctuous, clinging to your body like wet clothes. It can be misleading, it can make us forget that every moment is a new moment; a new beginning waiting to be claimed. Lift your head now, breathe deep. That is the sound of the day filling your lungs. It wants to bring you good things. Meet them. Notice them. Make them your own. And remember that you, too, are a treasure waiting to be discovered today, a gift to the world unlike any other.


Painted in Gouache and Watercolor, this original painting measures 8 x 8 inches and comes unframed.

  • About Your Limited Edition Reproduction:

    A piece of artwork is always a cherished thing, though it was my hope to find a way to make these facsimiles of my original artwork even more sacred and precious, which is why they have and will only ever be offered in small quantities, 75, 40, and 25 reproductions per original. Each one has been signed, dated and numbered by myself before wrapped lovingly and shipped to your home.


    It’s important to me that my customers understand not all prints are created equally. I spent over a year vetting printing companies that were capable of making my reproductions look like originals, which is the number one comment from my collectors and customers – something that gives me IMMMENSE pleasure as an artist.


    Only the best.


    That is my promise and pledge. I am not cutting any corners, taking any shortcuts. The piece you choose will be printed on only the finest and brightest Hahnemühle paper, bearing both the texture and color variance you would expect of an original artwork. My reproductions are meant to last.

  • Refund Policy:

    If for whatever reason, your item(s) arrives damaged, please contact me directly so we can arrange a new order for you.


  • Packaging and Shipping:

    Your reproduction will be carefully sealed in a velum sleeve and packed inside a rigid mailer before it is handed to the post.

     Select "Shipping Special" at checkout. Any additional shipping costs will be calculated based on location and invoiced after sale.

    It matters to us that your print is given the proper care and attention it deserves. We do our best to uphold a timely turnaround time, however it may take up 7-10 business days before your piece is shipped to you. If this order requires rush-order urgency, please email Cara@RosalieGwenPaperie.com so that someone might assist you.


    For an international orders, please allow 15 to 28 days.