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Listing is for a single one-of-a-kind hand-painted candle, inspired by nature's timeless beauty.


We believe simple pleasures hold the purest joy. Our heirloom candles are intended to lend beauty elegance to the home, enjoyed now and passed down through future generations. Listing is for one taper candle.


Directions for use and safe keeping:


- Candles are for decorative purposes only, and are not to be ignited indoors.

- When candles are not being displayed, we advise they be wrapped in a soft cloth and stored at room temperature.

- Rest assured your candle has been well-preserved with a beautiful matte varnish, protecting it from airborne elements and preventing sun damage. The design is permanent and durable, however if the candle is dropped on a hard surface or punctured with a sharp object, the wax will dent.

- To clean, use a damp microfiber cloth and wipe gently.


A note about our candles:

Because each candle is hand-painted, no two will be exactly alike. Please keep this in mind when purchasing two of the same design. Additionally, colors may vary depending on screen settings. We've taken care to provide accuracy through our photography, though please be aware some colors may be lighter or darker and possibly less or more saturated.


Finally, the nature of wax is soft, so that even after treating the surface and removing major nicks, there may still be minor imperfections. We believe working with an imperfect canvas is part of the beauty behind original artwork.


Thank you, and enjoy!

~ Cara

Heirloom Taper Candle 10"

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