Sketch and Palette Guide - Volume I

Sketch and Palette Guide - Volume I


If you've ever found yourself struggling with how to put together a palette of powerful and pleasing colors, this is definitely the resource I would recommend! I walk you through the basics of color theory, the "whys" behind why certain colors work, and why others dont, and then we take a closer examination at how color choice plays a role in the giant that is Composition. 


ALSO included is an original sketch in sumi ink, which is yours to print out and trace, or simply use as a guide. Every color is carefully noted and assigned to different parts of the floral composition for easier comprehension. If you enjoyed the Color Guide series, THIS is definitely the next setp to expanding your color knowledge!


PS: Once pruchased, PLEASE be sure to download this document some place safe and permanent. Come 2021 I will no longer be supplying replacement PDFS for lost or undownloaded Guides. Not because I expect you to pay again, but because I will now be a mother of two and simply won't have the time to tend to extra clerical tasks. You can also almost always find every resrouce you've ever purchased by logging into the site, which can be done by using the drop down menu on mobile or the in the upper-left-hand corner on a desktop.


Wishing you much joy and happy color creating!