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The human life is the longest conversation you will ever have, but it is still a conversation. Which means what you say and how you say it matters; moreover, how you permit yourself to be spoken to matters tremendously. Not in voice, but in thought. That constant murmur in your mind that spurns hope or ushers fear. We must remember we are never alone, even when we are by ourselves. We are, perhaps, in the company of our greatest inspiration or our most terrible influence.






The day speaks and you are its song, echoing back the notes both light and the dark. In this decades-long conversation you have with your life, you must choose whom you will ask, and you must ask. Questions are portals to the other versions of yourself, and to get there you must be brave enough to ask hard questions. 


So, ask.


Ask that light within you, that burning flame who tells truth refined, to be your guide, your compass, the one who speaks Love over and in all things. Tell it to speak. And then begins the lifelong quest of listening.


And when it gets hard - and it will, get hard - answer yourself with love letters to stay.

Stay for the pink of dawn.

Stay for the rise of the moon.

Stay for laughter of tiny things with skin of velvet.

Stay for the rain. Stay for rain's encore. Put your gaze into heaven and see how the colors arch their backs.

Most of all stay because there is no more yous. If you are to listen to anything at all, irreplaceable one, all these long, precious days, listen to this truth: The world can make many a wonderful, beautiful thing; it can make diamonds the size of papayas and mountains that bump into heaven's shoes, but it cannot, it can never . . . make another you.

Stay (Print)

  • A piece of artwork is always a cherished thing, though it was my hope to find a way to make these facsimiles of my original artwork even more sacred and precious, which is why they have and will only ever be offered in small quantities, 75, 40, and 25 reproductions per original. Each one has been signed, dated and numbered by myself before wrapped lovingly and shipped to your home.


    It’s important to me that my customers understand not all prints are created equally. I spent over a year vetting printing companies that were capable of making my reproductions look like originals, which is the number one comment from my collectors and customers – something that gives me IMMMENSE pleasure as an artist.


    Only the best.


    That is my promise and pledge. I am not cutting any corners, taking any shortcuts. The piece you choose will be printed on only the finest and brightest Hahnemühle paper, bearing both the texture and color variance you would expect of an original artwork. My reproductions are meant to last.

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