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A comprehensive study of every supply I use to create my art.


In this 25-page document I untangle the confusion behind the overwhelming amount of art supplies on the market, and give my thoughts on what you ACTUALLY need. It isn't a lot! In great lengths, I cover all the tools I use, but more importantly I go into the WHYS, explaining both the pros and cons to each these of supplies, as well as assigning ratings based on performance.


We begin with my preferred brands brushes, paper, paints, (why I use these), and then go into clarifying the most common terms attached to the supplies, including coldpress/hotpress, lighfastness, different paper weight, what they mean and how to use them, and addressing those confounding letters and numbers on the back of paint tubes. I conclude with several FAQS about my process, as well as where I buy my supplies at a discounted rate.


Within these pages is everything I wish I would have known when I began my journey. I remember being so completely overwhelmed, having no idea where to start, and how to spend my limited art-supply budget.


This document answers every question I had. Everything, in one place, explained and clarified.

It took me years of searching online and experimenting to come to the full-bodied process I now use in my daily work, and essentially build my business. It is my deepest hope that this guide will not only educate and equip you as your move forward with watercolor, but provide a sense of confidence as you buy supplies that enhance the flavor of your work the way spices enhance food.

This guide is suitable for both beginner and intermediate watercolorists!


*** please note this is a digital resource only, and no actual paints are included with this purchase.


Happy creating to you!

- Cara


***Disclaimer: the material found in this document, including but not limited to, proprietary information and trademarked color-blends belong solely to the owner and cannot be reproduced for the intention of monetary gain, and therefore are protected by law.

Watercolor Supply Guide and Beyond

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