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Spoken For


Gouache & Watercolor, 2021

I’ve always been drawn to flowers. As a little girl, in the long-ago days when it was commonplace for children to walk home from school alone, I would often stop pick the wild flora growing along the path of my route. I would twirl whatever sprig, bloom, or posy I found between my fingers, watch as the petals did a sort of wild, rhythm-less dance. Sometimes it looked like they were wearing frilly skirts or wide-brimmed hats. I found myself curious about what these flowers might say were they to speak. How would they move if they were given actual appendages? Feet and legs and arms and neck. What would that look like?


This collection, Spoken For, is that curiosity explored. With each piece, each flower I studied, I aimed to tell the flower’s movement story. The drama, the romance, the liberation and flirtation, the fragrant hope and shy glances, I tried to describe it with my brush, giving these flowers a canvas on which to speak.


In this way, as their voice, they have been Spoken For. I’ll never know if I got it right, of course, but I’ll never regret a moment getting it wrong. These flowers have moved me, and it’s my pleasure to share these pieces now, with you.


Thank you for listening.


- Cara

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