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Gouache & Watercolor, 2022

"I meet you in the stillness of your soul."

After welcoming my youngest daughter into the world, I soon found myself in dire need of peace. I was exhausted, overwhelmed and existing on fumes. Life wasn't offering much room for rest, but when I came across a devotional promising the kind of peace that didn't need quiet to be experienced, I wondered if I might - even amid this season when noise and the chaos of small children filled our home - find a way to have peace. If there was a place I might be able to go without needing to leave. To the center. Into the "cushion of calm" that exists within every human body. There I might meet with God, know His peace, and bathe in the stillness of soul.


Each of these paintings have been created to remind and reassure us that true peace isn't contingent on problem-less living.

There is another option when the fire starts to burn and the smoke begins to choke; a place to which we can retreat and find our breath. Be revived. Where we are known and held in quiet embrace. As all storms contain a calm eye, each soul carries a cavern of stillness.

This place is yours. You are still soul.

- Cara

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