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Holding On


Gouache & Watercolor, 2021

Paintings to heal & hearten:

the pieces in Holding On represent just that - the tenacity of the human spirit and its capacity to endure great pain alongside immense joy, simultaneously. Through this collection I tell my story in color and movement, my experience surviving the worst year I've ever known, crippled with chronic illness; a time I rarely left the bed and spent month after month contemplating how I might end my suffering, ending my life....but even so, amid the shards of pain, beauty prevailed. Falling in love with my husband all over again, walks among nature where I was finally present enough to witness the startling beauty everywhere, all the time. 

These paintings and their individual stories are the love letters I wrote urging myself not to give up - but to stay , to HOLD ON through the dark nights for the promise of a new morning.

I give you these paintings and as such, a piece of my heart, and pray they meet you exactly where you are. 



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